School of Food and Chemical Engineering

  Introduction of major: Applied chemistry was one of departmental important disciplines of original Light Industry Union, which owed the departmental important lab. It was elected as one of Beijing important disciplines in June, 2002, and is qualified to confer master’s degree. The major research areas involve flavor chemistry and its application, cosmetics and corresponding materials, synthesis and application of surfactants, detergents and auxiliaries, and rare earth functional materials, synthesis of medicine intermediates, analysis and detection of fine chemicals, etc. The graduates in applied chemistry should have grasped the basic theories and knowledge of chemistry and good experimental skills, and known theories of the field of daily-used chemistry and related engineering technologies as well. They should be qualified to engage in academic research, the development of new product, teaching and technologic management in academic institutes, colleges and universities, and enterprises.
  Major courses: Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry (including structural chemistry), analytical chemistry (including instrumental analysis), principles of chemical engineering, engineering drawing, organic synthesis, organic analysis, heterocyclic chemistry, flavor chemistry, surfactant chemistry, cosmetic science, detergent chemistry and process, etc.