School of Food and Chemical Engineering

Introduction of Major: Environmental Engineering was established in 1979, which was one of the earliest founded environmental engineering majors. It has been qualified to confer first class discipline master’s degree of environmental science and engineering. It was one of departmental important disciplines and departmental important labs of the original Light Industry Union; it is one of Beijing important constructive disciplines now. The main research areas include pollution control engineering of water, pollution control engineering of air, treatment and disposal engineering of solid wastes,environmental chemistry and environmental ecology, clean process and comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental planning and management, etc. The graduates in environmental engineering should have grasped the basic knowledge of technology of environmental engineering, including pollution control of water, air and solid waste, environmental design, protection of resources, and grasped the basic rules of concerted development between social economy and environmental protection. They should be qualified to engage in design, construction,research,environmental planning and management in government departments, environmental protection departments, design institute, enterprises, academic institutes, colleges and university.
Major Courses: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry (including instrument analysis), engineering drawing, principles of environmental engineering, environmental chemistry, microbiology of environmental engineering, environmental monitoring, hydraulics, air pollution control engineering, water pollution control engineering, treatment and disposal of solid wastes, environmental management and environmental law, environmental quality assessment, environmental planning and environmental economics, etc.