School of Food and Chemical Engineering

Introduction of major: Our University applied Food Quality and Safety as a new major for Ministry of Education in 2010, and it was authorized in 2011. So far, combined with the several techniques such as biology, chemistry and analyzing, we have built the food quality and safety test platform, which could develop the new and convenient testing method and system for the food toxic and hazardous components. The students in this major would possess the basic theory and technique of food science, biology, environmental science, nutrition and hygiene, toxicology and management. Moreover, the major are focus on bringing up the high-level talent on analytical testing, quality control management, safety assessment, business management and scientific research in the field of raw materials of food production, processing, circulation and consumption, and they are also familiar with the international standards for food quality and safety systems. The basic knowledge of the students in Food Quality and Safety would refer to food science, food quality and safety testing, food technology, food regulations and standards. After studying these, they could possess some skills about food production, circulation and consumption analyzing and testing, safety evaluation, food quality management, food scientific research and basic business management.
Major Courses: Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry (including instrumental analysis), principles of chemical engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, food chemistry, food analysis, food security, food toxicology, immunology, food technology, food safety testing technology, food safety control technology, food nutrition and health science, food engineering equipment.